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How to Value a Digital Marketing Agency

For many businesses today, marketing and advertising have become primarily digital. But while there are many ways to promote a business online and many marketing agencies to choose from, not all of them will bring you results.

Knowing how to value a digital marketing agency will save you time and money and increase your return on investment. Here’s how to value a digital marketing agency.

Check Their Range of Services

digital-marketing-agency-waterloo-servicesDigital marketing today isn’t only SEO or only social media marketing. And it’s not only paid advertising, either. Rather, it’s all of these and more.

Effective digital marketing agencies have the resources necessary to provide complete marketing services. Even if you don’t need all the marketing channels initially, it’s good to be able to scale up your marketing when needed.

Ask Who Will Do Most of the Work

Digital marketing tends to involve quite a bit of outsourcing these days. When an agency outsources work, it means that it subcontracts projects to smaller agencies or professionals outside of their core team.

Outsourcing can help optimize costs while delivering results faster. But good agencies have a team of digital experts on board that can maintain a high-quality standard even when they outsource parts of a project. They enable you to make the most of outsourcing without lowering the quality of the work.

Browse Through Their Portfolio

digital-marketing-agency-waterloo-portfolioThe portfolio of a digital marketing agency can tell you a lot about their experience, range of expertise, and specializations. At the end of the day, an agency is not what they say they are, but the work they have done.

Check the clients in their portfolio. Browse the sites of these clients. Look at their SEO ranking and social media presence. Is what you’re seeing encouraging?

See How Interested They Are in Knowing You

Successful digital marketing campaigns have one thing in common—good targeting. It’s a good sign when the agency asks you questions and puts effort into understanding what your business does and who your key audience is.

Without that understanding, your online marketing efforts won’t have a clear focus. Be cautious about one-size-fits-all solutions.

Weigh Their Promises

The truth is that often, it’s not possible to take a business to the first page of the search results overnight. Or to make them the most popular brand in their category on Facebook.

There’s a lot of competition out there, and good marketing agencies know this and make realistic promises.

Pay Attention to the Numbers

Value highly a digital marketing agency that speaks in numbers. Digital marketing is not an art but a science. Things like conversation rate, bounce rate, or open rates really matter.

An agency that thinks in terms of numbers and measures and tracks results will get you farther than one which just promises you viral content.

The Wrap Up

Before you choose to work with a digital marketing agency, you want to evaluate it. Focus on the factors that matter—their range of services, experience, approach, and the amount of effort they are putting into understanding you.

Focus on the numbers and evaluate more highly agencies that are realistic as opposed to those that pile promise upon promise. Remember that today, everyone is doing online marketing. Only a good agency that understands your business can make your marketing stand out.

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