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Search Engine Optimization is a broad combination of strategies aimed at optimizing a website for search engines. Conversely, any process that can ensure that a website/webpage ranks better in search engine result pages (SERPs), comes under SEO. Most SEO strategies are aimed at Google, as Google is the most-used search engine among internet users.

How SEO Works?

Search engines are the primary gateways for the vast world of the internet. Most users tend to search the topics they are interested in on search engines, and then choose a website from among the top results.

But the internet is filled with innumerable webpages on virtually every topic.

How do search engines decide which website appears at what place?

All search engines like Google use their unique search algorithms to traverse across the webpages, rate them on particular metrics, and accordingly rank them in their SERPs. While Google jealously guards its search algorithm, which routinely gets updated anyway, it has not stopped others from trying to understand it.

In all these years of deciphering, certain factors have been widely accepted as integral metrics used by the Google search algorithm. Thus, optimizing your website for these factors can compel Google to give it a higher ranking. A combination of many search strategies can rank a website on the first-page results.

Core Objectives of SEO

It is interesting to note that search engines and SEO are not some bitter rivals constantly trying to defeat each other. Instead, think of search engines as a coach who is constantly raising the standards, and SEO as the student constantly trying to match it.

The most commonly accepted objectives of good SEO are:


Keywords are an important aspect of SEO. Keywords are the most-used search phrases in particular domains, and also the phrase a search engine looks for during a search. Using keywords correctly allows your website to rank higher in the SERPs.

Compelling Content

Writing relevant and compelling content. If a search result leads to a relevant and interesting webpage, it fulfills the goal of the user. This, in turn, benefits both the website owner and the search engine itself. Thus, Google promotes high-quality engaging content on its priority list.

Web Crawlers

Easy access to web crawlers so that your website and its pages are indexed easily. It also allows for recent changes to reflect without delay.

User Experience

User experience is often an overlooked but extremely important aspect of SEO. Google search algorithm rewards and penalizes websites based on their UX. Great user experience consists of fast-loading webpages (including their components like images and embedded videos), good formatting, proper indexing, mobile-friendly web design, etc.


This is just like touching the tip of an iceberg; the world of SEO is vast, complicated, and virtually unending. But this is an interesting point to form a basic understanding and start your SEO journey.
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